Sport | age 12-18

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The training is about familiarizing students with badminton as a fun game useful both socially and sports. Students will be given some basic knowledge about the game of badminton, considering that this sport is new and unknown enough in Kosovo. They will be introduced to the basics of badminton: rockets, butterflies (shuttle) nets. Students will be introduced to the basic badminton stance, basic butterfly and non-butterfly movements, rocket holding as well as downhill and forehand and backhand shots. You will also be taught the basic shots, from a technical point of view, as well as some tactical moves, how to use technical shots in certain situations. They will also be introduced to some elements of the teaching methodology of technical and tactical elements. Some of the basic rules of badminton in singles and doubles (pairs) will be briefly explained and demonstrated. At the end of the course, a competition will be organized in the form of individual and pair tournaments, where students, in addition to playing, will also refer to the matches of their colleagues.

Upon completion of the training students will be able to:

– talk about the origin of the game of badminton

– distinguish badminton from other racquet sports

– learn the beginnings of the game of badminton

– perform basic forehand shots

– perform basic backhand shots

– perform the service

– distinguish shots from above from those from below

– know some basic rules of the game of badminton

– know how to organize and refer a badminton game

Some of the topics that will be discussed during the training are:

Basic attitude in badminton
Catching and holding the rocket
Shooting the drive with the forehand
Shooting the drive with the backhand
‘Slice’ shot
Game in pairs
‘Smash’ shot
Rules of the game of table tennis
Tournament-shaped competition