Painting and Drawing | age 6-11

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Painting is the practice of applying color to a solid surface, such as fabric, wall, wood, glass, paper, etc. The medium is usually applied with a brush but other tools such as spatulas, knives, sprays, etc. can also be used. The final work is called a painting.

In this training we will discuss and study, as simply as possible, the theory of colors, the form and content of painting, perspective, compositional structure and balancing relationships. Presentations, reviews, group and individual talks will be provided throughout the training. Students will be introduced to brushes and fabrics as well as various painting tools.

Students will learn the properties of value in painting and drawing, will be offered encouragement, constructive criticism and technical advice. Students will learn the aesthetic properties of different colors and how to mix them.

Upon completion of the training students will be able to:

– create works of art in painting and drawing.

– attend presentations for creative work.

– expose their work.

– develop creativity and focus on work.

– talk to their peers and express their ideas.

Some of the topics that will be discussed during the training are:

Introduction to painting

Preparation for the workshop

Painting techniques

Each developed unit will be accompanied by practical exercises so that students can exhibit their work in front of others.