Programming | age 12-18

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The focus of this training is to provide students with a basic and advanced knowledge of computer programming concepts using / utilizing the Java programming language. Students will gain knowledge and skills in problem analysis and development / compilation of algorithms and computer programs through practical exercises, lectures, demonstrations and examples. Students who successfully complete the training are expected to gain the necessary knowledge to build advanced software applications using the Java programming language.

Upon completion of the training students will be able to:

– become familiar with the basic syntax and semantics of the Java programming language

– understand the concepts of classes and objects

– distinguish between primitive and non-primitive data types

– implement decisions using IF statements

– identify and correct syntactic and logical errors in short programs

– explain concepts and use objects (instances, interfaces, polymorphism, overload) to solve problems

– explain how ‘Exceptions’ are treated

Some of the topics that will be discussed during the training are:

Basics of Java
Class, Object, and Types of Classes
Variables, Constants, and Literals
OOPs Concepts
Exception Handling in Java
Collections Framework