We aim to help juniors to become happy, confident, considerate, responsible and capable members of society.

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Full Potential

We provide a fair, stimulating, caring learning environment where all children are helped to achieve their full potential.

Life-Long Learning

We teach juniors how to adopt lifelong learning and how is it going to help them in every phase of their life.


Through seminars, workshops, educational fairs, and study visits juniors find an abundance of knowledge.


Aged 6-11

This summer Hub includes communication-based courses for students of all levels betw...

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Aged 12-18

Juniors (aged 12-18) will have the opportunity to participate in this Winter Hub and...

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Juniors engage in full-time intensive classes related to chosen courses and have the option to attend extracurricular activities designed to encourage socialization and stimulate cultural awareness. Here are a few examples of the top benefits of enrolling in the UBT Junior Hub:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Developed language skills
  • Independent learning
  • Improved grades
  • Intensive and interactive learning
  • Have lots of fun


Through various courses, UBT Junior Hub participants will be able to:

  • develop ethics, knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  • read and demonstrate good comprehension of texts in areas of the their interest
  • have more confidence in their knowledge of the subject matter.
  • appreciate and respect the cultural differences of individuals and groups
  • contribute to making the world a better place through innovative social impact projects
  • develop problem-solving skills


Junior Hub provides a focused academic environment with smaller classes and fewer learning hours. Because the duration of the study is limited, teachers usually set very precise study goals. Juniors will immerse themselves in a subject and gain a solid grounding in the subject matter. A higher level of interaction offers juniors the chance to ask teachers for detailed information and participate in class discussions.